Dances With Wolves Trailer

Name:  Dances with Wolves trailer
Description:  Dances with Wolves trailer
Category: Video
Runtime: 2:40
Tags: trailer,movies,video ,Dances with Wolve.
Bee Media - Dances with Wolves trailer
Directed by: Kevin Costner.
Written by: Michael Blake.

    * Kevin Costner as Lt. John J. Dunbar / Dances with Wolves
    * Mary McDonnell as Stands with a Fist
    * Graham Greene as Kicking Bird
    * Rodney A. Grant as Wind in His Hair
    * Floyd Red Crow Westerman as Chief Ten Bears
    * Tantoo Cardinal as Black Shawl
    * Jimmy Herman as Stone Calf
    * Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse as Smiles a Lot
    * Michael Spears as Otter
    * Jason R. Lone Hill as Worm
    * Charles Rocket as Lt. Elgin
    * Robert Pastorelli as Timmons
    * Larry Joshua as Sgt. Bauer
    * Tony Pierce as Spivey
    * Kirk Baltz as Edwards
    * Tom Everett as Sgt. Pepper
    * Maury Chaykin as Maj. Fambrough
    * Wes Studi as the fiercest Pawnee
    * Wayne Grace as The Major
Budget: $22 million


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